Political Yard Signs - All You Need to Know!

Get Ready for the Election with Political Yard Signs

Your yard is a great place to express yourself to everyone on the sidewalk or street. Your yard is an area you can truly call yours. As such, you have the freedom to advertise your likes, interests, and views there as you see fit.

Political yard signs are one example of that kind of expression. Although you are free to post signs supporting specific candidates any time you want, people display such signs primarily in election years. It is during those times that you may want to express yourself with a sign the most.

However, if you think more deeply about the subject of political yard signs, you might start to wonder if any rules or laws govern when, where, or how you may post such signs. While you acknowledge your right to express yourself with signs, you would not want to violate any applicable local regulations for displaying them.

Life Size Custom Cutouts addresses all your questions about political yard signs here, so you’ll be ready to spice up your yard this election season with all the best signs!

Where Do I Get Political Yard Signs?

Maybe you have been driving by properties with political yard signs for years and never actually known where to get your own.

The truth is that the internet is teeming with political yard signs. Online is the best place to get them due to the sheer variety of available signs. In the case of Life Size Custom Cutouts, you certainly have your choice of sign types. We offer big head signs that you can stick directly in the ground and full body-sized cardboard cutouts of a large selection of political figures.

Donald Trump Yard Signs

Life Size Custom Cutouts carries a number of striking Donald Trump yard signs for your perusal. You can get big head Trump signs, anti-Trump big head signs, and cardboard cutouts of a formal Trump and Melania Trump. These types of political yard signs are sure to make a real splash out on your lawn this year!

Joe Biden Yard Signs

Of course, no online collection of political signs would be complete in 2020 without a selection of Joe Biden yard signs. Like our Trump signs, our Biden signs come as big heads, anti-Biden big heads, and full-sized cutout versions. You can also get cutouts of Biden and running mate Kamala Harris together!

Where Can You Place Political Signs?

Property owners can place signs of their choosing on their land and leave them there for as long as they like. No one but the owner can legally remove those signs.

The question of political yard signs on public property is more complicated. The laws governing this are different from place to place, but we can identify a few general rules that for the most part hold weight nationally.

For instance, it is generally acceptable to place political yard signs on tree lawns, those strips of grass between the curb and sidewalk as long as the property owner behind that area approves of them. Conversely, some jurisdictions prohibit signs of any kind on road medians, traffic circles, on- and off-ramps, and any other areas where drivers need to see.

Further, all US states maintain laws that forbid political signage and other types of political campaigning directly outside polling centers. Some states get specific with the number of feet a campaigner or sign must be from such a center.

Are Political Signs Free Speech?

After learning all this, you may still have one burning question: are political signs free speech? It’s a good question. After all, you know you have the right to free speech in the United States, especially to voice your opinion on political matters.

However, you may wonder if cities and smaller communities have the authority to make and enforce political yard sign rules.

The fact is that political signs are indeed expressions of free speech that local municipal codes cannot regulate. The US Supreme Court upheld this in the 2014 case Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona.

In that case, the court ruled that local governments cannot allow certain signs to be displayed while banning others. The Supreme Court decision reinforced the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech, of which displaying political yard signs is an example.

So, rest assured: posting Life Size Custom Cutouts’ political yard signs on your property is one of your rights as an American!

Buy Political Yard Signs from Life Size Custom Cutouts

Whatever your political opinions are, we can probably all agree that posting political signs is a fun and easy way to express yourself during election times.

Get in on the hype with political yard signs from Life Size Custom Cutouts! We carry a wide range of signs, the material of which you can customize to your liking.

Shop our signs now!

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