With everyone still adhering to stay-at-home policies, social distancing, and not being able to celebrate together, it doesn’t mean we can’t still participate. Video calling has become extremely popular as a way to interact with our friends and family.


But, it’s not the same as being there. It’s obviously the best way to communicate but you can still surprise your friends and family with an ‘almost you’.


Send yourself as a cardboard cutout. It’s a great way for you to let people know you are thinking of them and supporting them. It allows your loved ones to include you in group photos and feel like you are there.


Custom Cardboard Cutouts


Did you know you can have a custom cardboard cutout made of yourself? You can have the cutout made from a picture of you that you like, or wearing a costume, graduation outfit, bridesmaid gown, anything you like.


You can also yourself put in a clown suit, chef’s apron and hat, tuxedo, or look like a farmer, an astronaut, princess, and anything else you desire. Dress up to suit any occasion. The occasion you are not able to attend.


Sending a cardboard cutout of yourself allows your friends or family to include you in pictures, put your cutout with the cutouts of the others who couldn’t attend, or place them anywhere they like.


A life-size cutout of yourself in an outfit you were planning on wearing to the event will make it that much more special for the people who are there. This way, you can all be included in photos that will be taken.


You can also get your custom cardboard cutout with a thought bubble. Add your own message to personalize the event. You can send a message directly to the person, say, for a graduation, to the happy couple who are getting married or having a baby, or to the group who are celebrating a holiday.


If it’s a BBQ, send yourself having a cold drink, in summer wear, maybe with your flag for the fourth of July. You can include a bit of grass under your feet, an umbrella, or wear your funny sunglasses.


You can also include other members of the family in your cutout, together or separately. Include your kids, the dog, your partner, Wear clothing appropriate for the occasion, like winter wear, or a nice suit for a wedding.


They are great for sporting events you are not able to attend. If someone is having a watch party, send yourself in cardboard wearing your team’s jersey. Add a message, as well, to stoke up the fever for those who are there.


For The Lonely or Shut In


Another great way to use your cardboard cutout is to send it to people who may be isolated. If you have elderly parents or grandparents, someone who is sick at home or in the hospital, in a care home, or just lonely.


A cardboard cutout of you in their room or in their house might be just the thing to cheer them up. It’s very difficult for many people being away from loved ones.


Perhaps you could encourage more family members and friends to make a cardboard cutout and send it to someone who may be very alone and isolated right now.


It could make a big difference for them to have all your happy smiling faces all around them and around their room or home. You can do it with any photo you like, so include the kids, the pets, and even some of them.


They can be stood up in a hospital room to let you know they are thinking of them. They make a great greeting card for those who need cheering up or just a bit of company.


Consider them the ultimate in greeting cards. You can send a message on the cutout and this is a keepsake people will cherish for years. They can bring it out for decorations for any holiday or just leave you watching over them.


Use your imagination and see what you can come up with. From baby showers to weddings, and backyard BBQs to full formal graduations, you can attend without attending.


Let people know you care by sending yourself to the events that are happening with limited numbers of people able to attend. Fill up the room with love by sending a cardboard cutout of you and the whole family.


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