Looking at ways to advertise something to the neighbor, make an

announcement, or just have some fun decorations? Coroplast signs are the best

way to go. Durable, flexible, they can be made into anything you want.

Corrugated plastic is pretty much just plastic cardboard. It’s made from three

layers of thin, polypropylene plastic substrate. It has a zig-zagged layer of

plastic between two smooth layers of plastic sheeting.

They make great durable signs for anything you need them for. They can get

wet, won’t tear, melt if they get damp, and will stand the test of time. They

come in any color, multiple colors, different shapes, and have so many uses.

1. Real Estate

You have seen the signs on lawns advertising an open house. These are great

ways to let people know in the neighborhood that someone is showing a house.

The agent can have all their information on the sign, they can have the times the

house is available for viewing, and anything else.

They are lightweight so they can just put them in the car and take them out

when they get where they are showing the house. They slide easily into the

grass and are easy to pull out again.

Private individuals selling their own homes will often opt for these types of

signs as they look professional and serious. It will often look like a realtor’s

own sign.

2. Running for Office

Of course, you have seen these. In fact, you often see a sea of them come

election time. Whether it’s for a school board or a major office, people use these

to let people know they are running.

People supporting these candidates will often get signs of their own and put

them out on their lawns. It’s not uncommon to see several different signs on a

single block.

They are inexpensive ways for people to advertise their campaign, cover a lot of

ground, and let a lot of people see these signs. These are a very popular use for

these signs.

3. Contractors

When you hire a contractor to work on your house, like the roof, landscaping,

renovations, or tree trimmers, they very often have a sign with their business

name and contacts on it.

They use these as they are easy to get, easy to bring to the job site, and easy to

use. They get a lot of their work through word-of-mouth and letting people see

them in their own neighborhood.

It’s a great way for them to get free advertising. Their return on investment is

super because the signs cost very little to have made. Almost all people who

work in neighborhoods like contractors use them

4. Yard Sales

Anyone serious about their yard sales will have a few of these signs. They can

put them up at the ends of their block, on their neighbor’s yards, a few blocks

over, and near major roads.

They can add the address, the hours the sale is going, and other information they

want people to know. They are easy to use and set up, inexpensive, and very

handy. If they get stolen or damaged, they will not be out a big expense.

5. Services

It is very common for people to use these for their small businesses. House

cleaners, baby sitters, people who will fill out your tax returns, piano lessons,

personal trainers, dog walkers, anything at all.

New small businesses are often on a very tight budget and these signs are

perfect for them to get the word out without blowing their budget. They can put

the signs out while they are open and then take them in again.

Many people who work from home use coroplast signs to advertise their

services. They can be set up and taken down very easily and quickly. They are a

great and inexpensive way to let people know they are there.

People may sell baking from home, offer seamstress services, cut hair, tell

fortunes, provide aesthetic services, or almost anything else. Why invest in a

bag sign for your yard when you don’t need it screamed down the block.

Coroplast Signs

The best part about these types of signs is that they are perfect for almost

anything. People use them for all sorts of things, they can have anything printed

on them and they can be used many times.

Durable, recyclable, versatile, these signs are a great idea for anyone who needs

professional signs at a great price. They will last a long time.

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