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Why Choose Us?

Save money with the latest technological advances in flat bed printing and cnc routing. Our digital production process has stream lined the work flow allowing us to offer you the best prices on the web for over 10 years. With no need for print plates or cutting dies our digital process allows you to easily alter your artwork at any given time with no aditional printing costs.

Available Materials

Cardboard is our most econonimcal but some jobs require a different material. Foamcore offers a vibrant print but is easily damaged in high traffic areas. While the Coroplast material offers waterproof durability for a long lasting cutout. Still unsure about what material is best for your scenario. Our experienced designers our waiting to help you.

Short Lead Times

Our fully digital process makes for quick turnaround times for 1 or 1000 products. In a hurry? Not a problem be sure to contact us today using the form below. Or call us between 9am and 5pm EST Mon-Fri at 1-570-822-2221.

Taking the Best Photos

To ensure that your custom cardboard cutout is the best it can be, we have a set of photo resolution guidelines. If you have any doubts or concerns on the quality of your images, please check out these basic guidelines. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Call us today or contact us to get started on your project today! Call for a Quote 1-570-822-2221


Cardboard Cutout Bulk Pricing

We're a full service print facility with state of the art technology and years of experience, ready to help you. We offer significant discounts on projects using the same image, but are more than capable of jobs with multiple images or sizes.

We give you the best price if we know the exact height, width, and number of cutouts to be printed. Please give us as much detail as possible. If you're still creating the art or are exploring options, we're happy to help. Simply give us what info you currently have, and we'll help you through the process - each step of the way.

For a Free Quote just fill out the form below or call us at 1-888-463-9833 between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday (EST).

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business to business cardboard cutouts


Quantity 5ft 2 Per Board 6ft 1 Per Board
1 $89.00 $99.00
10 $75.00 $87.00
25 $72.00 $84.00
50 $45.00 $53.00
100 $34.00 $39.00
250 $29.00 $33.00
500 $25.00 $29.00
1000 $23.00 $27.00
Some artwork may be manipulated to fit multiple images per board. In these scenarios subtract $2.00

For orders over 1,000 pieces, please use the form above or contact us for a quote.

*Prices shown here are estimates only and final quotes are based on cutout size and ink coverage. Prices are subject to change with out notice. Prices shown exclude shipping. Items are shipped bulk on skids for orders over 50 pieces.

Prices for individual samples will be absorbed into total price if quantity order is placed. Individual Packaging is available upon request.


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