At Life Size Custom Cutouts, we know better than anyone how much eccentric fun cardboard cutouts can add to any party, parade, group game-watching, or other festive events. The classic standing cardboard figure is always a hit, but have you given any thought to one of our Face Ka-Bobs?

If you’ve never heard of the actual term, Face Ka-Bobs are the cardboard, foam, or coroplast cutouts we can make of anyone’s head! All you have to do is provide us with a large image of a face or head, and we will print it on whatever material you choose and then cut it to fit the exact contours of the face. Smaller Face Ka-Bobs come with a stick handle, while larger ones feature a handle on the back like a shield.

We have found that Face Ka-Bobs are especially popular at sports-related events. You can cheer on your favorite athletes with one of our Face Ka-Bobs made in the image of the athlete’s face! These novelty items will be huge hits at your next party or parade.

To give you some ideas for these, here are three top athletes you may want to get made into a fun Face Ka-Bob.

Bryce Harper

Baseball is America’s pastime, meaning you can always attract a crowd to a baseball parade or a watch party for any game at all. Philadelphia Phillie’s right fielder Bryce Harper is one of the top athletes in the sport right now, so a Face Ka-Bob of him would be particularly appropriate now and for the foreseeable future. You can get a few cardboard cutout ka-bobs and place them around your house for your Phillies party, or a more robust coroplast one for your upcoming local baseball parade. Chances are high that any baseball fan, no matter what team they support, will recognize the giant cardboard, plastic, or foam face of Bryce Harper, so you can’t go wrong here.

LeBron James

Next up is LeBron James, widely regarded as one of the best ever to play the game of basketball. Whether you know him best from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, or Los Angeles Lakers, you’ve heard of him, and you know he’s one of the most popular athletes working today. That’s why Lebron would make a great Face Ka-Bob for any NBA- or basketball-related event. Maybe your child wants a basketball-themed birthday party. What better collection of decorations could there be but a few cardboard cutouts of LeBron James’s face? The guests are sure to have fun seeing them around everywhere, and everyone will appreciate your novelty party idea. You can even hold contests to win some of the faces!

Tom Brady

Tom Brady, famously of the New England Patriots but now of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is considered one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time. He went to the Super Bowl nine times with the Patriots and won six rings, a record among NFL players. Tom Brady’s face plastered on a foamcore, cardboard, or coroplast big head is sure to make your next football event. Wave the cutouts while watching the game at home, or show your family members you care by holding the faces at their own football games or parades. Face Ka-Bobs this size are sure to draw all the right kinds of attention.

Order Custom Face Ka-Bobs from Life Size Custom Cutouts

Life Size Custom Cutouts is happy to provide you with fun cardboard, foam, or plastic cutout Face Ka-Bobs of all your favorite athletes. No matter what kind of sporting event you’re planning or attending, high-quality cutouts from us will definitely turn some heads.

Check out our main Face Ka-Bob page today to learn more about these products and browse our customizable options! Contact us with any questions, and we will be happy to help.

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