Enhance any event with our custom Coroplast big heads, perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Coroplast, our chosen material, stands for corrugated plastic, which is celebrated for its outstanding durability. These big heads are built to last, making them ideal for high-energy environments like mosh pits, as well as parties, graduation ceremonies, sporting events, and even retail displays or gag gifts. Designed for repeated use, Coroplast big heads resist fading and weather damage, making them comparable to the tough outdoor signage frequently seen in political campaigns and gas station promotions. With your Coroplast cutout, you're getting the sturdiest big head available online.We offer these impactful big heads in five sizes, from a compact 12 inches to a commanding 60 inches. The largest size features a sturdy shield handle for easy handling and display, ensuring it stands out in any crowd. You can specify the size of your Coroplast big head in the comments section of your order during the checkout process. To continue with your purchase, please select the desired size of your big head below.


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Season ticket holders look no further rain or shine your coroplast big head is ready for the game! Coroplast big heads are made from corrugated plastic and are ready for anything. Mosh pit ready these plastic face will bring a smile to everyone at the event. Coroplast big heads have been used in out door marketing campaigns for the last 10 years to promote hundreds of products. Custom coroplast big heads are generally purchased in bulk, and have great price break downs for the more you buy. Note bulk pricing will not be applied until your coroplast big head is added to the shopping cart. Check out our coroplast big head pricing chart below.


Bring excitement and personalized flair to any event with our custom coroplast big heads! Perfect for sports games, graduations, birthday celebrations, weddings, concerts, festivals, and corporate events, these standout big heads guarantee to capture attention and create memorable moments. Now with free ground shipping on all products, getting your custom big head has never been easier or more affordable. Each big head is precision-crafted from durable corrugated plastic, ensuring they match the size you need, measured meticulously from the top of the face to the bottom of the chin. The 12-inch and 24-inch face cutouts come equipped with a handy handle at the chin for easy carrying, while larger sizes feature a robust coroplast shield handle attached to the back. Customize your big head with optional hats or other headwear. Keep in mind that any added accessories will be included in the final measurements. For designs featuring long hair that extends past the chin, we measure from the very top of the head to the lowest hair tip, making sure your big head is as impactful as possible. Order today and take advantage of our fast turnaround times to make your next event truly unforgettable.