We’ve all had those days. Our boss is getting on our nerves and we just want to

take a swing at him. We have all seen scenes in a movie where someone’s

picture is pasted to a dartboard.

Sounds like a good idea? Well, yea, but why not take it one step further? Why

not get a custom cardboard cutout of your boss? In fact, why stop there? Get the

entire management team.

Custom Cardboard Cutouts

You can order a life-sized cardboard cutout of your boss, all your bosses, or

anyone else you work with. You can use them any way you choose. If you feel

better about throwing darts at it, go ahead.

Perhaps you could set it up in the breakroom and everyone can have a turn

throwing darts at them. Let’s assume your boss has a good sense of humor, but

even if he doesn’t.

Get a few of them made and set them up around the office. They could be

keeping watch over everyone, idly looking out the window, standing in front of

the washroom doors, or monitoring the car park.

Plenty of Uses

Maybe you are the boss. Show everyone that you are one of them and get a few

cardboard cutouts of yourself made up. Let people draw lipstick on you, throw

darts if they like, or prop you up where they feel more inspired to have you


These are lightweight and can be moved around anywhere you like. These are

sturdy enough to be decorated, wear funny hats, and take a few darts as the

mood may take them.

Perhaps you or the boss are not around the office a lot. Have a few strategically

placed cardboard cutouts around the workplace so people can still see you or the


Maybe hang a basketball hoop on the head and place the cardboard cutout

behind the trash can. People can aim for the boss’s face to get rid of their used

paper or sandwich crusts.

Get One of Everyone

If you have a fairly small office, get cutouts of everyone. You can use them as a

fun way to let people know what they are doing that day, what tasks are

expected of them.

You can place them around the office, let people keep theirs in at their

workstation, or set up a checkers or chess game and use cardboard cutouts as the


People could add a colored tie or hat to denote which player belonged where.

They could be standing around the lobby, standing in at the employee’s work

area if they need to leave, or just have them all hanging around, greeting people,

holding various signs or directions.

Personal Touch

You can also add different bodies, costumes, and stances. Is your boss an old

football coach? Put him in a princess dress. Maybe your boss is petite, give her

an alligator or gorilla costume.

The possibilities are endless. Have something fun made up for someone’s

retirement, maternity leave, or promotion. If someone is leaving for a few

months, get a cardboard cutout to take their place until they return.

All you really need is a photograph of their face. The rest is pure fun and

imagination. If your boss or someone else is having a milestone birthday or

work anniversary, have something special made up for them.

Cardboard cutouts can be endless fun for everyone at work. You can have them

posted outside various rooms around the workplace with signs or wearing funny


Cardboard Cutouts

Whether you have a special event coming up or are just needing a little

something fun to boost morale, cardboard cutouts are an inexpensive way to

make a big, personal impact.

People don’t often think about getting cardboard cutouts that actually look like

people but they are actually very popular. Check out all the different costumes

and various ways they can be decorated or put into all sorts of fun and funny

outfits, animal suits, or different shapes, and sizes.

They are strong, portable, and a lot of fun. If you want to draw a bullseye on

your boss’s cardboard cutout for darts practice or to serve as a backdrop for the

trash, it is just that easy.

Get people dressed in the colors of their favorite sporting team, figures from

history, actors, politicians, singers, cartoon characters, and so many more. If

someone has a favorite character from a movie, get them in that costume and on

a cardboard cutout.

From pets to pop stars, you can throw darts at your boss dressed like a figure

from any movie you like. Put him in a funny outfit to make it even more fun.

Everyone will enjoy the cardboard cutouts of your boss and everyone will want


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