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Get a cutout of your dog and bring him on vacation

Did you know that the first domesticated dogs were actually wolves? In his study published in the

journal Current Biology, Swedish geneticist Pontus Skoglund described his findings of a 35,000-year-

old Siberian wolf bone. His conclusion was that canine domestication may have first occurred 27,000

to 40,000 years ago.

But how is it possible for a wild animal and a human being to have reached a mutually beneficial

level of operation? There are many myths around this too. Some say that man started capturing

small wolf puppies and domesticating them. Others say man found an injured wolf and tended to it

and even after it got healed it stayed on. Others say that man gambled between the wolves that ran

away from him and those that stayed on and he started feeding them and with time they preferred

staying on for the free food. Maybe around then, they figured out it’s better to be friendly to

humans and survive than start a conflict/ remain hostile and risk being killed. It is hard to tell exactly

when the game changed for man and beast, but what we know is that at some point, man was able

to put the dog to good use in hunting, guarding, farming, herding, retrieving and even tracking.

The exact time of the first canine domestication may not be known, but what we are sure about is

that a dog will always remain a man’s best friend. Dogs are seen as great options for pets based on

their behavior, resiliency, personality, demeanor, and most importantly, their undying willingness to

provide their family members with unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship down to their

very last breath. Surely you must have seen and/ or heard many a beautiful story of dogs even

visiting their former masters’ gravesides, so it is safe to assume that even death is not enough to

deter a dog’s dedication to its master.

Dogs as travelling companions

As functional domestic animals, dogs are versatile, and can be anything from guard dogs, emotional

support animals, exercise companions, stunt assistants, herders, retrievers, guides for disabled

persons, sniffer dogs for finding illegal products at airports, border points and all other human and

cargo transit check points. Dogs today can even detect a medical condition, e.g. an epileptic seizure

or even cancer! Still wondering why dogs are so popular compared to, say cats? Well, there are

many reasons. For example, dogs will always be happy to see you, and they remain loyal to you no

matter what. Dogs are also easy to train into whatever role you want them to play, which is why

they are used a lot by security firms and the military.

As pets and companions, dogs are always happy to accompany us even to the end of the world.

Today, airlines are allowing people to travel with their dogs unlike before when it was almost

impossible. Though rules vary for each airline, your dog can typically only fly in the cabin ideally as

you would with a carry-on bag. This is of course only if they are small enough to fit in a carrier under

the seat in front of you or else they would have to travel in the cargo hold, with the luggage and


In event that you are not allowed to carry your best friend with you, there are ways to bring him or

her along, that without upsetting the airline officials too! You can now get a custom cardboard

cutout of your dog to bring on vacation with you every time you can’t bring him or her with you. All

you have to do is take several clear pictures of your dog and have them developed into life size

cutouts to carry with you next time.

You can take pictures of your dog in many different positions or doing different things. Some of the

possible shots would be of your dog sleeping beside you, resting by your feet, walking next to you,

sitting on grass or even lying down getting petted by you or someone else. The best shot is definitely

when your dog is sitting on its hunches and looking straight at or facing you. Make sure you get the

clearest shots possible to make the printing easy.

Once you have the right shots, send them in for printing and further development into the right life

sized cardboard cutout. The good thing with custom cardboard cutouts is that they are foldable into small sizes that can

be safely tucked away in your luggage and then unfolded and set up when you arrive at your

destination. They also come with a support to ensure they remain upright and look every part like

your dog so you don’t miss him or her so much while you’re away! So now you need not fret about

not carrying your best friend with you, it is now possible to do so!

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