Halloween is a fun time of year, it's the best time to try to scare all of your friend neighbors more than you already do. Sure inflatable Halloween decorations are trendy but they can be a ton of work to tie down and to keep the air pumps running. Why not get a spooky yard cutout ? You can make a cardboard or corrugated plastic outdoor cutout from any picture. You could also shop our huge selection of stock holiday cutouts or movie cutouts. Life Size Cutout Cutouts plastic cutouts are water proof and you can put them outdoors all season long for your outdoor decorating needs. You could get tombstones, ghosts, pumpkins, monsters, serial killers. Whatever you can think of we can print.

If you are having a Halloween party or get together you can get some fun cutouts without faces for a great photo opportunity for your guests. You could also get a cutout of a photo booth for your friends to enjoy.

Maybe you want to scare people to keep out unwanted guests you could get a shadow cutout, just put it behind your curtain and put a light behind it so it casts a scary shadow for people that walk by. There are a ton of uses for Halloween life size cardboard cutouts.

If you are feeling extra cheap and don't want to get a Halloween costume you could have a custom big head made of just about anyone and just hold it in front of your face or use that idea for a fun themed masquerade party.

To order your own custom cutout click here or shop our inventory of stock cutouts or movie cutouts.  

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