Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

Although the holidays have only just ended, many people aren’t done shopping for gifts. Valentine’s Day can come up quickly, so you want to be sure you have the perfect gifts for your significant other or your friends. There are plenty of gift ideas out there that you can get for your Valentine, but many of them are the same thing each year and might not even be something they really want. Instead of buying the same gifts as everyone else, try thinking a little outside the box this year.

Here are a few great unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you should consider getting. 

Custom Gifts

The best gifts for any holiday or birthday are usually those that are custom made with one person in mind. There are many ways you can get a custom made gift that will fit any person’s interest, and you can find these easily online. Some common gifts include personalized jewelry and custom embroidered clothes. However, you can also do something more unique, like have a custom made piece of art made that includes something special or order a custom love cardboard cutout for the holiday.

Fancy Dinner at Home

Most people go out to eat for a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day. However, this isn’t possible for many people this year, so you might choose to go all out on a nice dinner at home. To help keep it feeling special, try going all out of decorations and try making a meal that you’ve always wanted to try and is different from what you would normally make at home. Try getting decorations like a red rose cutout and candles and buy fancy ingredients instead of your everyday ingredients, or just order takeout.


Flowers are the most typical Valentine’s Day gift, but they don’t last very long, which can be especially annoying if you have to pay extra for them around Valentine’s Day. A nice bouquet might only last around a week, so it’s a gift you already know will get thrown out. Instead of flowers, buy houseplants this year. Houseplants allow you to give a living plant as a gift just like flowers but have the potential to last for years. If you know someone will be able to keep a plant alive for a while, try swapping cut flowers for a trendy houseplant. 

Classes to Take Together

One gift that gets overlooked is a class that the two of you can take together. This can be something you’ve both been wanting to learn for a while, like learning a new language, how to improve your cooking, or even getting into shape with workout classes. You can also do some more unique classes like pottery or painting. Certain classes might come with a fee, but there are many you can do online for free that can help you learn new things and pick up new skills that will still be thoughtful to do together.

Homemade Gifts

Valentine’s Day gifts can get expensive quickly, but they don’t have to. Getting a pricey gift that you’ve been wanting for a long time is exciting, but sometimes the best gifts don’t cost much at all and can’t be bought. Rather than ordering something or shopping around at stores, go a different route and make something yourself. You might have a craft you’re good at making, but it can even be something simple, like putting together a photo album. Even if this isn’t as good of a quality as you’d get in stores, it’s much more meaningful when you put time and effort into making something, and you’ll know that no one else has it. 

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