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What is a Custom Cutout

A cutout is anything you want it to be. A family member, a family pet, business promotional material and sometimes its as simple as an ear of corn. A custom cutout is your photo directly printed to the material of your choice. Choose from cardboard, foamcore, or coroplast to fit your situations needs. Then let us worry about the rest. We will digitally make a personalized cut path file for your cutout and directly print it to your selected material. The final step is to precisely contour cut the shape of your image from the material to create the ultimate life-like and realistic cutout your eyes will ever see. Cutouts are resistant to minor scratches, abrasions, moisture, and minor spills. Even the sun is no match – our cutouts can endure the harsh effects of direct sunlight. This means your promotional material can withstand many different high traffic areas, such as store displays, movie theaters, a toddlers birthday party and so much more.

Life Size Custom Cutouts has been the #1 national cutout provider for over 10 years with our lowest Prices on the web! Our pricing is based on the largest dimension of your finished cardboard cutout. A six foot long alligator would cost the same as a 6ft tall person. You can specify the exact height of your subject or make them as large or small as you want. We produce the most cost effective cutouts for your needs. Shop with us today! Need 100 or more cutouts for your next marketing campaign? Let us quote your next big job.

Cutout Options

Available Materials

Cardboard Cutout Material  Options


The standard material cardboard is white washed on the front to ensure a true to color print. This material is also corrugated along the height for structural stability. Cardboard is our cheapest option providing a nice print and durability.


Foamcore lacks the corrugation of the cardboard instead its center is filled with foam. This removes the ripple effect of the corrugation in the cardboard. Foamcore offers the nicest looking print but is very easily damaged. Foamcore is great for exhibits behind glass or somewhere out of reach.


Coroplast is our strongest material standing for corrugated plastic. Coroplast is waterproof and generally used out doors, or when a cutout is being posed with or handled frequently. Coroplast is strong and durable providing years of use. While being the strongest the corrugation can be seen through the print.

Cutout Pricing

Cardboard Cutout Material  Options

Speech Bubbles Available

Make your life size custom cutout even more informative or hilarious with a custom speech bubble with any phrase you choose. 

Our cardboard Speech Bubbles come in 3 varieties, Blank Speech Bubbles, "Your Text" Speech Bubbles and Dry Erase Speech Bubbles.

Custom Cutout Speech BubbleBlank Speech Bubble - $20
Custom Cutout Speech Bubble"Your Text" Speech Bubble - $30
Custom Cutout Speech BubbleDry-Erase Speech Bubble - $35
Custom Cutout Speech BubbleCutout with a Speech Bubble

Share and get a 10$ rebate

Custom Cutout Photo Tips

Custom cutouts have no limits! Use your favorite image to create a contour custom cutout. Here at Life Size Custom Cutouts we know that sometimes you can't go back in time and take a high resolution photo; AND THATS OK! Old wedding photos and the like are more than welcome and our kind staff will show you a quality proof before printing and shipping your order.

Old Pictures Make Cardboard Cutouts

Minimum Cutout Resolution

A cutouts resution or DPI is a reference to how many pixels make up one inch of the photo. The higher the resolution or DPI the cleaner your custom cutout will be. Low resolution images may appear to be blurry pixelated or even mosaic like. To avoid any of these problems be sure your camera is set to the highest resolution possible. If you have any doubts or concerns on the quality of your images,please don't hesitate to contact us. Photos printed or developed by a commercial printer or a sublimation photo printer are the best. Photos printed on a non-commerical printer or home printer will show dots when enlarged.

 high resolution cutouts vs low resolution cutouts

Taking The Best Photo

How to take a cutout picture

When taking a photograph with a digital camera, always put it to the highest settings. For the best cutout image possible follow these custom cutout photo taking tips. For resolution and camera settings please refer to your cameras user manual.

  • Check your camera resolution settings.
  • - Be sure you cameras resolution or DPI is set to the highest possible. Cameras by default lower this quality to allow for more pictures to be taken. When taking your cutout photo be sure this setting is turned all the way up.

  • Take it vertically, not horizontally.
  • - Taking your photo vertically ensures the most pixels are available when making your custom cutout.

  • Try not to zoom, just step closer.
  • - Digitally zooming on many camera's lowers resolution and the final quality of the cutout. When taking your cutout picture step closer to the subject instead of zooming. Fill as much of the view finder with the subject as possible.

  • Do not cut the feet or arms off.
  • - Just a suggestion. But here at Life Size Custom Cutouts we know not every picture is scripted. Have a picture tahts lacking limbs or a body? Let our photoshop wizards work their magic by selecting the photo and artwork modification option during your product creation.

  • Light backgrounds are better.
  • - Lighter background ensure a contour cut true to shape. Contrasting backgrounds are recommended.

  • Sharp, focused, and clear images work the best.
  • Negatives or slides are not currently accepted

Scanning a Photo

Scanned photos should be at least 200dpi to be enlarged. For the best quality use the highest dpi setting available to your scanner. The higher the resolution the clearer the final product will look. When scanning an image for your custom cutout make sure the entire subject is in the scanners window. Whiles scanning the image be sure to keep the lid closed and do not move the scanner or image.

Low Resolution Options

With over 29 years of experience in the cutout industry we want every customer 100% satisfied. After printing many blury life size cutouts upon request we spent the last year researching an alterantive. Introducing the Shelf Buddy!Shelf buddies are 8" or 12" acrylic cutouts made directley from your photo. Acrylic cutouts make great memento's and creative thoughtful gifts. Worried your only photo is not going to work? Check out the shelf buddy option.


Life Style Custom Cutouts was superb! I ordered 5 cutouts for my granddaughter's Bat Mitzvah, and each one arrived exactly as I had requested. The photographic likeness was perfect, and they stood beautifully on their own with a cardboard support behind the photo. In addition, the cost was most reasonable...worth the product they sent! You will not find a better product anywhere!


We got a custom cutout so my daughter could have her brother in her wedding party while he was stationed over seas . This was such a great idea and made for some really touching photos. Thank you for my custom cutout it was such a great hit at the wedding.


I love the life size cardboard cutout I bought for my son's birthday party it was a big hit and I am going to buy more cutouts for all of my upcoming events. It was so easy. I just uploaded my photo and picked my size and got a great cardboard cutout of my own.

Rocco's Taco's27/05/2019

Hello. This was on my mom's fun list so I had to check it out! I ordered 2 of the coroplast cutouts everything maxed out to the most expensive but I could not find a good photo. Someone please help me find a fake ripped photo of me. If you can photoshop some abs and biceps that would be great too. Why would I need friends when I can get a bunch of cardboard fake people. Thank you.

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