Summer movies make for great party ideas

Is you son or daughter having a party coming up there are a ton of great kids movies coming out this time of year that would make great cutouts. Why not get a great Toy Story cutout of Buzz or Woody. We could do a Secret Life of Pets, Aladdin, or Lion King cutout. Maybe you are having a super hero party and you want a cutout of your kid dressed as Batman just submit a photo and we can make it. Almost any theme you can think of we can make a cutout for in any many different shapes and sizes.

Life size custom cutouts make the best decoration for a party because it ads a new dimension to the fun. Not only does the kid have a fun keepsake but people at the party can have fun getting their picture taken with it. Just having a picture or table cloth sucks in comparison to a life size figure of their favorite movie characters. You could have a custom cutout made or you can browse our selection of licensed movie cutouts. You can also get cutouts with head holes where the kids can put their face in it for a fun picture. Another idea is to get a custom big head of the characters to use as party masks for your guests.

Life size custom cutouts has many different option to choose from to make your theme party extra special. It doesn't have to be a party they could be used for any occasion really. A party, graduation, trade show, or any event that has people.

Get a life size custom cutout made from your photo or design

See our selection of movie cutouts and standees &

Get a custom big head for a fun party mask

Custom wall decals are an option as well.

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