Life size custom cutouts make amazing decorations for any holiday but you can get the plastic version (coroplast)and use them outside on your yard as decorations. They are better than the inflatable figures because they don't ever collapse. The custom cutout can be whatever you want from Santa, Reindeer, or even your family Christmas card.


Do you want to have a cool greeting on your yard cutout you can add a speech bubble and write in your own holiday greeting. Another fun thing you can do is get cutouts with the face holes for a fun holiday party favor where your guests can take a fun picture.


Another cool thing you can do with custom cutouts is defend your house from Christmas burglars like in the classic movie Home Alone. In the movie Kevin set up cardboard cutouts around the room and one attached to a train to make it look they where dancing around to show people where at home.  Maybe you just want to pretend you have guests over so your neighbors don't think you are so alone. At least your house can be safe this holiday season.

(*photo credit - actual picture from the movie home alone.)

If you are having a party, decorating your yard, or protecting you yard you can't go wrong with a Life Size Custom Cutout this holiday season.

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