Life Size Custom Cutouts can give you something to be thankful for this holiday season.

Almost everyone has to go visit their family for a Thanksgiving or holiday dinner. There is no reason to be lonely or have everyone ask where your girlfriend / boyfriend is, you can buy one a custom cutout and it's just as good. This even works if you are a women and everyone asks why you don't have a baby yet you could just get a little cardboard baby to hold.

Another option is if you don't want to talk to that crazy uncle of yours you can bring a cardboard cutout of his favorite political figures as his guest and things won't get awkward at all.

Not all the thanksgiving options are creepy, do you have a family member that can't make it to dinner, just submit a photo and you can get a life like cutout to sit at the table with you.

Those aren't the only Thanksgiving cutouts we have we also have cutouts that would make great outdoor yard decorations. No one decorates for Thanksgiving and you still have time to change that.

Order your Life Size Thanksgiving Cutout today!

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