Today, celebrating a birthday means something completely different than it did at the start of the year. As we’re all still social distancing, hosting even smaller birthday parties have become too risky. While being safe right now is the most important thing, you don’t need to completely give up having fun and seeing the people you love, especially when they have a birthday. To give people the chance to still celebrate their birthdays, drive-by parties have become the go-to.

Drive-by birthday parties might not be ideal, but you can still make them into special events. Here are ten ideas that you can try out for a drive-by birthday party.

  1. Send Out Invites Although a drive-by party is far from a regular birthday party, keeping some elements from them can make it feel more normal. When you’re throwing a birthday party, you always send out invitations, whether through the mail or as an e-vite. Sending out invites as you would for any regular party can help make it feel like this birthday isn’t so different than other years.
  2. Bring Music Music is a great way of celebrating any event, and it’s still an option even for drive-by parties. Playing music as you drive by can help make it feel like a normal party. If you’re a musician heading to a drive-by party, consider stopping to play a song. You can also bring noisemakers with you, like air horns or pots and pans, if you don’t have musical abilities, but still want to make it more lively.
  3. Decorate Your Yard Decorations help make any event feel more special instantly. If you’re the one hosting the drive-by party, make sure your yard is decorated for the event. Everyone who drives by your home will know someone has a birthday, and you might even get some strangers driving by wishing you a happy birthday.
  4. Make it A Theme Birthday Most birthday parties have some sort of theme. It can be hard to create a theme for something like a drive-by party, but there are a few ways you can do it. Sending out invitations that match the theme, decorating your yard a certain way, and having people make signs that go with it are all great ideas for sticking to a theme.
  5. Create Birthday Signs You might be too far away to hear what people are yelling from their cars at a drive-by party. Creating a large sign for the person to read from a distance gets your message across. People can also drop off their signs as a keepsake for whoever is celebrating their birthday.
  6. Drop Off Gifts When you have a birthday party, you’re likely expecting gifts. This is especially true for children celebrating their birthdays. Giving gifts is still possible for drive-by parties. To limit contact, you can put a table outside and just have a person from each car place it there.
  7. Order Cardboard Cutouts If you have a child, one thing they probably want for their birthday party is an impersonator playing their favorite character. This is common for many kid’s parties today, but obviously not an option today. Ordering life-size cutouts of their favorite characters, like Disney cutouts, can help make up for not having live entertainment.
  8. Decorate Your Car When you go to your next drive-by party, go all out by decorating your car. With a line of decorated cars, a drive-by party can feel more like a parade honoring the person with a birthday. You can tape balloons and streamers to the outside of your car, or even order giant animal cutouts or anything else that the person will be interested in.
  9. Give Out Goodie Bags To thank everyone for showing up to your drive-by party, hand out goodie bags. Getting a goodie bag filled with treats is always greatly appreciated by party guests, and everyone can use a nice treat right now. Setting up a table with goodie bags for people to pick up keeps your event safe for everyone.
  10. Hold a Virtual Party Afterwards After spending a long time apart, finally seeing your friends and family in person is a great feeling, even if it’s from a distance. Although you got to see everyone as they drove by, you still might want to have a virtual get together after the event to get the chance to talk and thank everyone. Plus, your guests didn’t get to see everyone else at the drive-by, so this gives everyone the chance to catch up.

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