Getting ready for your yard sale takes a lot of organization. You need to have

everything set up before you open the sale, as you know there will always be

early birds.

You need to advertise for it, as well. Placing an ad in your local paper or

newsletter is a great way to let people know you are having a yard sale, but you

also need markers to make it easier for people to find you.

You could make a few hand-written signs to post up around the neighborhood,

or you could have some custom-made. You don’t have to stop with just a sign,


Custom Cutouts

Custom cutouts are more than just signs. They are a great way to grab people’s

attention. They can be made big enough to be seen from a few streets away.

Plus, you can get your address and the time of the sale big enough for people to


You could use a picture of yourself or a celebrity holding a sign with directions

to your yard sale. An 8-foot Brad Pitt would certainly turn a few heads!

You could use a picture of the front of your home, as well, that showed your

address, to help people find you easier. You could just have the address and

directions in big bold letters.

Have a picture of yourself pointing towards your home and a sign with the

address. You could also attach your picture to some really fun costumes or

famous figures.

Dress yourself or someone else like a fireman, a princess, a movie star, a pop

star, or a famous sports figure. They will certainly get the attention of people,

even if they are not looking for your yard sale.

Use a picture of your family pet, just as they are or add a few costume pieces to

them, as well. Dress the dog like a pirate or a pirate. He could be holding a sign

for your yard sale in his mouth.

Endless Possibilities

If you are selling a bunch of old toys you could use a popular cartoon or Disney

figure for your coroplast cutouts. They can be very colorful and bright to grab

the attention of adults and kids that are passing by.

You could just use text, in big colorful letters announcing your yard sale and

maybe, ‘Nothing Over $10’ or ‘3 Households Participating’. Maybe you could

use your cutout to let people know there are loads of kid’s things, antiques, or

small appliances.

Use actual pictures of items you have for sale, like bikes or tools. There is also

no reason why you need to stop at just one sign. Get a few made up with fun

sayings or quotes. Maybe you could have them going down your whole street

with, ‘getting closer’, or ‘almost there’.

If you are joining forces with a few of your neighbors for a really big yard sale,

get together to get the signs done, as well. You can have several different ones

made up.

You don’t need to limit yourself with thelocation, either. Make quite a few signs

and place them around your neighborhood, close to the grocery store, and

maybe take one or two to your work to put up.

Have Fun

Why not let your imagination run wild? You can come up with all sorts of ideas

to let people know about your yard sale and what types of items they can


Make them as colorful as you like, with big bold writing that people will be able

to see from several blocks away. Let people know what time the yard sale is

going until, like ‘All Day Sat and Sun’.

Use a picture of a doghouse and let people know that’s where you will be

sleeping if you don’t manage to sell everything at your yard sale. Don’t be

afraid to use your sense of humour, and people will be curious to see what else

you have for sale.

Use figures from famous movies or historical figures. Famous cartoon

characters always get noticed and are a lot of fun. Choose a few of your favorite

characters from old tv shows for a bit of fun.

Be sure you secure your signs and cutouts down so people won’t be tempted to

steal them. If you have a lot of yard sales, you can use the signs over and over


A big cutout of a famous person, a big teddy bear, or a local sports hero will

definitely get the attention of everyone who passes by it. You can get several

signs and cutouts to put up all over your neighborhood.

With so many options available, you can have anything you want. Have some

fun and it will be your most successful yard sale to date.

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