Cardboard cutouts are used at funerals and celebrations of life typically when a
family member or friend cannot attend or is out of town or state. Custom cutouts
are also ordered in the full body of the deceased to celebrate and show their life-
like photo boards. Get cutouts at different ages and sizes to bring a timeline to
The public and communal commemorations of the dead are strong symbols, and
cutouts have evolved into their own modern and unique culture. Though they're
often made for other occasions like birthdays and graduations, cardboard
cutouts, or "ifesizes" as they're commonly called, are most often constructed to
honor the deceased.
Through the years, cutouts have become more than just a means to
commemorate those that have passed away. Rather, they have also become a
vital source of consolation and healing for families, colleagues, and friends of the
deceased. It's the same as if the person were present to take part in the
festivities. In honor of memorial events, people place them in their living rooms,
parade them down the street for second lines, dance with them, and take photos
with them.
Cutouts are conspicuously shown in a variety of settings: some are exhibited at
funerals, some are used to represent a family member or friend who cannot
attend the funeral for one reason or another, while the majority are displayed at
repast—the colorful party events that follow the funeral. It is there that family and
friends engage with the cutouts, posing and grinning for photographs with them.
They continue to pose for photographs with them as if the person has never died.
Especially for the close friends of the people who have passed away, the cutouts
have a unique value.
Cutouts are available in a variety of price ranges and quality levels. Some
families have access to high-resolution photographs, which allows them to create
lifelike images of their loved ones; however, many others just have screenshots
or photos taken from Facebook, which result in blurry, grainy depictions of their
loved ones.
Despite this, even after the funeral rituals have over, the cutouts continue to play
a vital role in the homes and communities. These cardboard cutouts are either
displayed openly in the living rooms and dining rooms of their moms houses, or
they are stashed away in closets, only to be brought out for rare occasions such
as birthday parties.
There are instances when the cutouts would be used for grandchildren to play
with until they became too worn down through time and had to be either thrown

away or replaced. Families would frequently reorder and replace the cardboard
cutouts, selecting new photos and positions in the process.
Those who believe in the cutouts say that they are "an uplifting thing" for the
departed person's friends who wish to be able to see them personally. This shirt
is significantly different from the t-shirts due to its shape. It's also not like a large
picture, which has a frame and delineates the boundaries of this two-dimensional
picture. It's the same size as they once were, and it's in a relaxed position. You
can see their shape, and it's quite powerful.
Though it's difficult to pinpoint when or how cutouts became such a common
fixture at funerals, how they're employed by grieving relatives and friends reveals
an interesting facet of culture. A powerful and widespread sense of community
mourning exists; it is very strong and pervasive. People recognize and appreciate
that this is a legitimate method of grieving. Some may argue that the cutouts are
simply a means of keeping the pain alive, but for others, it provides tremendous
strength and is a significant aid in the grieving process.
One of the children was an eight-year-old kid whose father had recently died. His
family placed the cutout underneath the boy's bed, where he uses it to take
pictures with his father's likeness, applying Snapchat filters to his likeness in the
process. To assist him in dealing with his sadness, the youngster is receiving
counseling, and being able to pose and smile with the cutout is an important part
of his recovery. It appears to be beneficial that his father is still a part of his life.
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