Congratulations — it’s your kid’s graduation day! This is probably one of the main milestones in

his/her life. Of course, there’s nothing quite like celebrating this achievement than throwing a

party to acknowledge the happy graduate. Unfortunately, because of the new world order, the

pandemic won’t allow you to go all-out with the celebration.

However, there’s no reason to let COVID-19 dampen your festive spirits. You can still mark this

momentous occasion with a little party of your own. That being said, it’s still strongly advised that

social interactions be limited, so you will need to let the creative juices flow a bit.

One of our solutions: set up a cardboard cutout of the graduate, the life of the party.

Instead of the graduate having to take a picture with people, he or she will have the cutout as a

stand-in. This is one surefire way to get the conversation going and start the party on the right


Need some ideas on how you can display a life size cardboard cutout of the graduate at his or her

party? Here are some ideas:

1. Have the cardboard cutout greet guests at the door

Weighed your options and have decided to take the risk by hosting a party for your

graduate? We get it, a momentous occasion such as this deserves every bit of

celebration. However, guests will want to take pictures with the scholar, for sure. To limit

social interaction and to enforce social distancing as much as you can, have a cardboard

cutout greet family and friends at the door. This can stand in place of your graduate

during photo-ops as well. You can even reserve a small little photo nook where you can

put the life size cardboard cutout and some props for guests to use. Not only is this a fun,

COVID-safe precaution, but it also frees up time for the graduate as well. This means that

they have more opportunities to really enjoy the party instead of being stopped every few

seconds for well-wishes and selfies.

Not only will this significantly lessen the possibility of spreading the virus, but this also

frees up time for the graduate during his or her party.

2. Host a graduation bash drive-by

A bit wary of the spread of the COVID-19 virus? You can always forego the big graduation

party and have a fun drive-by instead. Go around town with the cardboard cutout in tow

and stop by houses of friends and families. This way, they can extend their

congratulations and well wishes, have the photo-op with the graduate (or with his standee

at least) and also send gifts if any.

Actionable tip: make it a collaborative celebration by calling ahead of time and letting

friends and family know that you will be driving by. This will give them the option to

decorate their lawn, design banners, and put up a sign to honor the new grad.

3. Host a virtual graduation party

Of course, it’s not really much of a celebration without your kid’s classmates. However,

their safety should still be your top priority during these trying times. So what can you

arrange to keep the graduation blues at bay? Why not arrange a virtual party for them and

their friends? After all, there’s not much that technology can’t do these days, and having a

virtual get-together can be just as fun as any other party.

Actionable tip: Send out personalized signs, deliver cardboard cutouts, and even design

wall decals for the party’s background -- as long as you’re creative, there really is no limit

to the fun that you can do.

4. Give a personalized and fun cardboard cutout as a party giveaway

Want to go all out at your kid’s graduation party? You can send guests home with a

cardboard cutout of the scholar. You can even include something nice and memorable in

a speech bubble.

These giveaways might not be conventional, but they sure are fun and creative.

5. Create life size cardboard cutouts for the whole gang

Who says that you have to limit the cardboard cutout to just your son or daughter? Make it

a group celebration by having cutouts for his or her friends and classmates as well. You

can have all of them wearing a graduation hat to make it more festive.

Celebrate your son or daughter’s graduation with a life size cardboard cutout!

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how you choose to celebrate the 2021’s batch of

graduates. What’s important is that you acknowledge this special milestone in your kid’s life and

are supportive of their decisions, moving forward.

Of course, if you still choose to put together a small gathering or a nice afternoon celebratory

activity, now you know that life size cardboard cutouts will be a fun and interactive addition while

still adhering to your state’s pandemic protocols.

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