There are some occasions, no matter how important, that just seem to sneak up on us. Anniversaries,

birthdays, holidays — sure. But if we’re being honest, the two days every year that somehow always catch

us by surprise: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Year in and out, and for whatever reason, we find ourselves rushing around in a blind panic trying to find

the perfect gift for mom and dad. And while flowers and another tie are received well enough, why not add

a more personal touch to your gift this year?

Life-size cardboard cutouts might just be the perfect gift that you are looking for. Here are 3 reasons why a

cutout of you is the perfect way of showing mom and dad you care:

1. It’s a pandemic-safe gift

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult (if not impossible) for us to recreate special occasions

and celebrate with family and friends. Technology, of course, has allowed us to stay in touch with

mom and dad, but nothing still beats waking up and giving them a hug on their special days.

Now, as we spend another year of quarantining and social distancing, don’t let Mother’s Day and

Father’s Day be reduced to yet another phone or video call. You can get creative and maybe a bit

silly by sending them a cardboard cutout of yourself. It will be like you’re celebrating the day with


2. It’s a creative and personalized gift

Remember when you were younger how you used to make cards from colored paper and

whatever materials you can find in the house? Or maybe you used to give them photos of you in an

artsy frame that you made all by yourself? Sending them a cardboard cutout of yourself is a lot like

that — but only better.

With a cardboard cutout, you can be just as creative as you used to be when you were younger.

Only this time, instead of recycling macaroni, glitter, and construction paper, you can achieve so

much more. For example, you could send mom and dad a series of cardboard cutouts of you at

various stages of your life, starting from when you were younger all the way to the present. You

can also send them cutouts of you doing stuff around the house such as watching TV, eating, etc.

It will be just like you’re there with them too.

You can make it as nostalgic or as fun as you want to be.

3. It will give your mom and dad a great photo-op prop

Haven’t had a decent photo opportunity with your parents since the pandemic? With a life-size

cutout of you, they can finally have that family picture that used to be a staple on special occasions

such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It will be just like you’re there with them to celebrate in

person — with an added layer of fun, laughter, and maybe a bit of irony.

Fun Ways to Use Life-size Cardboard Cutouts on Mother’s Day and Father’s


Life size standees are fun and unique. Here are some creative ways you can use them to make mom and

dad happy with it:

1. You can send standees of yourself with speech bubbles

If there’s something that you want to say to your mom and dad ( a catchphrase or a regular

reminder of how much you care perhaps), you can request an added speech bubble on your

cardboard cutout. This can give an added layer of personality to your cutout.

2. You can send standees of yourself with your siblings and your kids, if there are any

You don’t have to limit the fun to a single cutout of yourself — send your mom and dad life size

standees of everyone else who can’t be there to spend and celebrate the day with them. It will be

a great way to have the family together again. This will bring a smile to your mom and dad,

especially when they have not seen their kids and their grandkids for a while now.

3. You could send a series of cutouts to your mom

If you want to make it seem like you’re there at all times, why not send a series of cutouts of you

doing various things at the house. This is a great way to make them feel less lonely and more

connected to you. It won’t be the same as having you back at home, for sure, but it can be a great

substitute for when you want to assure your parents that you will always be there. . .or if not, your

standee will.

Make Mother’s Day and Father’s Day more memorable this year. Even if you can’t be there to

celebrate with them, you can still bring the family together the family together and show your

parents that you care.

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