Easter is a big holiday for many people, as it’s not only an important religious holiday, but many people also associate it with the start of springtime. The holiday usually either falls right around the time when the weather starts to get warmer or right before the seasons start changing, which most people patiently wait all winter long for. Easter is a great chance to celebrate, and there’s no better way of doing that than with decorations.

If you want to decorate for Easter 2021, here are a few great ideas that can help. 

Easter Bunnies

Of course, if you’re going to decorate for Easter, you can’t leave out the Easter bunny. Like Santa for Christmas, the Easter bunny is probably the image that most people think of when they think about Easter. Maybe you might have decorations like ceramic Easter bunnies, Easter bunny pillows, or life size Easter bunny cutouts hanging on the walls. Other animals, like ducks, are also often included in Easter decorations, and where you can find Easter bunnies, you’ll probably also find carrots to top off your decorations.

Fresh Flowers

Since Easter is at the start of spring, there’s no better way to celebrate the holiday than with fresh flowers. Using flowers for decoration is great year-round, but it feels extra special during the spring. After a long, cold winter, seeing flowers start to pop out of the ground is a great feeling and can really make you excited for better weather. Maybe you even have flowers in your own garden that you can use. There are plenty of colorful flowers that you can put on your Easter dinner table and throughout your house, like daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth. 

Easter Eggs and Baskets

Most people who celebrate Easter look forward to decorating Easter eggs each year, especially the kids. While you can’t decorate with real Easter eggs, there are plenty of great ways to incorporate them into your decor. Fake Easter eggs make great decorations for the holiday and can be used on their own or included in decorations like wreaths and garland. If you’re decorating with Easter eggs, you can’t forget Easter baskets. Fortunately, this is an easy item to decorate with since you can find plenty of Easter baskets in stores to use as decoration. All you have to do is place them throughout your house or use them as a centerpiece and fill them with fake Easter eggs and grass.  If you want more decor for your walls, a life size Easter basket is a great option. 


If you want to decorate for Easter but don’t want decorations that are specifically for Easter, pastels are a great way to go. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter or want decorations that you can keep up all season long, pastels are a great way to make your house feel like spring. Plus, going with more subtle decor like pastel accents can help you find exactly what suits your style, not necessarily what fits the holiday best. This is also an extremely easy way to decorate since pastel decorations are all over the place. You can swap out your pillows and blankets for pastels, get a light-colored tablecloth, or add pastel accents to just about any part of your house.

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