Fun Christmas Gifts

There are a lot of great things to love about the holiday season, but most people will agree that they look forward to giving and getting gifts each year. Even if your holiday parties have all been canceled this year, you can still safely give gifts to your friends and family, whether you ship your gifts to them or do a socially distanced exchange. This might be many people’s favorite part of the holidays, but it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Fortunately, there are tons of options out there that will work for almost anyone.

Here are some gift ideas that will work for everyone on your list. 

Subscription Services

Subscription services are a great gift idea because the recipient will be able to benefit from it long past Christmas, so it’s like continuously giving them new gifts. You can get a subscription service for just about anything, like tea, books, makeup, and craft supplies. You can even pick from plenty of subscriptions that will send them ingredients for daily meals, making cooking more fun and easy and saving them a trip to the store.  While many great subscription service gifts are those that send boxes of gifts, you can also gift them with a year of a service like Netflix or Spotify if you know this is something they’ll use often. 

Cardboard Cutouts of Their Favorite Characters

Some of the best gifts you can buy are the ones made with one person in mind. By getting a gift that’s customized for the recipient, you can show them just how well you know them and go beyond gifts you could easily buy in stores. However, custom gifts can sometimes be difficult to create and are often expensive. One great custom gift idea is custom cardboard cutouts. If you know someone has a character, celebrity, athletes, or someone else they really admire, order a custom cutout of them that they can keep on display. This is a great keepsake they’ll enjoy having, and you can do lifesize cutouts or something smaller, like cardboard face cutouts.

Comfortable Clothes

Clothes might not seem like a great gift right now, since most of us don’t have anywhere to wear them. Many of the people on your list might not be wearing their usual clothing very often, but this can still be a great gift. Instead of giving them something to go out in, look for comfortable clothes meant just for inside the house. You could find some nice sweatshirts or leggings, and maybe even a pajama set. These are sure to get a lot of use and will be a change to their usual wardrobe if they’re working or doing school from home.

A Gift That’s Also an Activity 

During the winter, especially this year, we could all use something to keep us busy inside where it’s warm. There are plenty of great gifts that will also give someone a fun activity to do, either by themselves or with friends or family. For example, someone who lives alone might enjoy doing a difficult puzzle, or the kids on your list can get board games they can use for a fun family game night. Maybe you can even introduce someone to a new hobby they’ll love, like painting or knitting. 

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