5 Party Supplies for a New Year’s Eve Party

Start off a brand new year the right way: with a top-notch New Year’s Eve Party! Here are five great party supply ideas that we think will help make your event the talk of the town.

Life Size Custom Cutouts

We all knew this was going to make the list, so let’s not dilly-dally. Why are custom cutouts such a fun décor idea for New Year’s Eve parties? First, they’re incredibly versatile. Whatever the theme, aesthetic, or purpose, custom cutouts can do the job. Bring Time Square home by surrounding the dancefloor with cutouts of the New York City skyline. Then, make sure your guests always know where to find the bar by marking it with a giant-size New Year champagne bottle cutout. Your only limit is your imagination.

What’s more, custom cutouts are an inexpensive, space-saving way to add props which would otherwise be difficult to acquire. You don’t need a full-size replica of the Times Square Ball Drop when you can have a simple two-dimensional cutout instead. And, hey, you may not be able to afford to hire Dick Clark or Ryan Seacrest to host your party, but a couple cutouts will provide guests with a fun photo op.

A Photo Booth

Speaking of photo opportunities, is there any holiday where making and sharing memories is more important than New Year’s Eve? Sure, your guest can snap some quick pics with their phones, but renting a photo booth can turn the simple act of taking pictures into unforgettable entertainment.

Unlike the photo booths of yesteryear, today’s rental models are low in cost and easy to transport. More importantly, they provide something phone cameras don’t: real, tangible photographs that your guests can take home with them. For an extra fun touch, get some Lifesize Custom Cutouts word balloons for party-goers to play with while posing!

Live Entertainment

A New Year’s Eve party just isn’t a party without music, and while making your own playlist might seem like an economical option, nothing wows party guests like a performance from a real, live entertainer. Hire a cover band to serenade attendees with all their favorite hits, or go with a solo artist who can interact with the crowd one-on-one.

If music isn’t your thing, other forms of live entertainment can provide the sort of one-of-a-kind experiences that separate good parties from great ones. Dazzle your guests by hiring a beautiful aerialist act, tickle their funny bone with a stand-up comedian, or let them schmooze with the stars by bringing in a troupe of celebrity impersonators.

Goody Bags

No one likes going home from a New Year’s Eve party empty-handed, just like no party planner likes letting attendees forget just who it is that puts on the best New Year’s celebrations in town. Solve both problems at once by making sure each guest leaves with a goody bag full of memory-jogging souvenirs.

From tasty snacks to homemade arts and crafts, anything and everything you can think of can be a party favor, just as long as it can fit in the bag. For best results, think about who your guests are and what they like. Try to put together a good mix of fun items, like candy and noisemakers, and useful ones, like hand sanitizer and wet naps.  

A New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

What New Year’s Eve party would be complete with some way to ring in the new year? Many party planners provide TV sets tuned to the live Time Square Ball Drop, effectively turning their event into a “watch party,” allowing attendees to enjoy the festivities without having to brave the chilly and crowded New York streets. With a little ingenuity, though, you can build your own DIY ball drop!

Of course, you don’t need to have a ball just to, well, have a ball. Consider instead decorating your party location with clocks, clocks, and more clocks! Set them all to go off at midnight for a unique and whimsical alternative that turns the event location itself into one giant New Year’s Eve spectacle, with your guests right in the middle of it. Along with some Life Size Custom Cutouts (of course), it’ll make for a party everyone in attendance will remember all the way until your next one.

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