Life-sized cardboard cutouts are a great way to express yourself, advertise, or send a message. They are fun, unique, and grab people’s attention. They are portable and durable, so you can use them anywhere.


You can get any person you want on a cardboard cutout. Yourself, a celebrity, people from history, or political figures. With the political unrest ongoing, a cardboard cutout showing support for your incoming President and Vice President might be a great way to go.


Types of Cutouts


Before you order your cutouts, keep in mind what you will be using them for. First, decide where it will go. There are different materials available that will be better suited for different occasions and locations.




If you are only planning on using the cutout for a few events, cardboard may be the best choice. It is the least expensive opinion, yet provides a great surface for printing.


It is whitewashed on the front so the colors all stay true and realistic. Cardboard is also corrugated on the side to keep it stable while standing up. Cardboard is a popular choice and will still be durable.




Foamcore has its center is filled with foam, which makes it more susceptible to getting damaged. It doesn’t have the rippled look that cardboard does so it looks great when printed.


It is lighter weight than the cardboard, so perhaps not the best choice for your cutout to be in the open, outside, or where it can get knocked over or easily damaged.




Coroplast is corrugated plastic. It is the most durable and strongest material you can get for your cutout. It is waterproof and will withstand weather, traffic, or frequent moving or being transported.


Coroplast will last for a long time, so if that is something you are interested in, that is the direction you should go. It’s important to keep in mind, you will be able to see the corrugation behind the printing.


Personal Message


If you have a message you want to share or perhaps add a quote from Biden or Harris, consider getting a cutout with a thought bubble. You can get one that comes with a message or quote printed directly on it.


You can also get one that has an erasable surface, to change your message every day, if you choose. It’s a great way to show your support for the incoming leader, and show everyone you are listening and supporting democracy.


Where to Use Your Biden Harris Cutouts


The beauty of these cutouts is that you can use them anywhere. If you have a store you can place them in the window or outside of the door. You can place them inside the store, behind the counter, or even elevate them up overhead.


They make a great background image for all your Zoom or online calls and meetings. You can have Biden and Harris looking over your shoulder, adding their support to your calls, meetings, and causes.


If you are attending peaceful outdoor events, take your cutouts with you to show support that way. If you are manning a booth or table with items you sell, have the Biden Harris team at the ready beside you.


You can use them in your home, as well. Place them outside on the lawn to show your neighbors your support for the new President and Vice President-elect.


Place them anywhere in your home, around the table, in your rec room, or greeting guests as they come in the door. They are fun to take pictures of them with you, your family and friends.


Life size cutouts make a fun addition to any party or event.


Tips For Cutouts


If you are considering using your Biden Harris cutouts outside, you need to keep them safe. They can get damaged by the wind, weather, or even vandalized by your neighbors or passers-by.


Never leave them unattended at events, like trade shows or parties, as they may get stolen or damaged. You wouldn’t want them to get defaced or broken by a non-supported.


There are more political figures you can get, as well. Perhaps you want to put together your fantasy cabinet. Get all the people you would like to see or the ones you admire that have stood out over the past several years, or months.


Cutouts are a great way to show support or just have a bit of fun in these trying times. If you are still working remotely from home for most of your time or the kids are learning remotely, why not invite the Biden Harris team in to help out while you do so. 

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