Fun Party Decorations for a Winter Birthday Party

For many people, the winter is filled with parties. We all have a few holiday parties to attend each year, but winter birthday parties are just as important. Winter birthdays can sometimes get forgotten when everyone has so much going on, and it might seem like there’s less to do when you can’t get outside. There’s a variety of different themes you can do for winter birthdays that can be a great time that all your guests love. Even if your birthday parties are virtual this year, great decorations can still help make it feel special. 

Here are some fun party decoration ideas if you’re planning a birthday party this winter. 


Out of all the holiday movies, Elf is one of the most famous. No one gets more excited over Christmas than Buddy the Elf, which is exactly the energy you want at a winter birthday party. If you know someone with a winter birthday who loves the movie Elf, this will be the perfect theme for their party. An Elf cardboard cutout is something all your guests will recognize right away. You can also decorate with all of your favorite Christmas decorations and lots of red and green to go along with the movie, making sure to include extra elves in your decor. 

Winter Wonderland

Not everyone wants their birthday to be centered around a holiday, which is what makes a winter wonderland the perfect theme. This party can focus on just wintery decor, nothing related to a certain holiday or anything specific. A winter wonderland party is also ideal for adults celebrating their birthday during the winter who might not want a party based on a movie. For a winter wonderland party, you can stick to cool shades, like blues, purples, and silvers. Of course, snowflakes and maybe even some glittery accents also make the perfect decoration. 

The Polar Express

The Polar Express is another iconic Christmas movie that most people will be familiar with, and kids will love it. You can decorate your party as if your guests are taking a trip on The Polar Express. At the start of the party, you can give each one of your guests a train ticket for the party.  While you might not be able to turn your home into a train cart, you can get a Polar Express train cutout that anyone who’s seen the movie is sure to know. In one of the most well-known scenes in the movie, everyone is served hot chocolate, which is something you can easily do at your party to fit the movie, and if it’s a cold day, 


You can’t look at winter party ideas without seeing Frozen on the list. Disney princess parties are extremely common, and you can have a Frozen-themed birthday party any time of year, but it can be extra special during the winter. Frozen has been a favorite for many kids for years now, and it’s easy to find a lot of great party decorations for a Frozen birthday party. With Anna and Elsa decorations, this will be a party that all kids enjoy. Another great part about a Frozen party is that you can still throw one long after the holidays are over but winter is still here. 

Find the Perfect Winter Birthday Decorations

You can do a lot to throw an amazing winter birthday party. While the company and food you have are a huge part of a good party, great decorations make it feel extra special. There are a lot of decorations you can get for a party, but you don’t want to leave out a cardboard cutout. At Lifesize Custom Cutouts, you can find everything you want for your winter parties. 

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