What Are Some Ideas for Christmas Decorations?

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you haven’t done it already, you’re going to need some Christmas decorations. As with any other decorating holiday, you’ve got a lot of areas to think about, from your walls, shelves, and tables, to the outside of your house and the yard after that.

Life Size Custom Cutouts takes a look at some cool ideas for Christmas decorating this year, including some fun you can have without cardboard cutouts.

Blue Spruce

If you decide to go for the real thing for your Christmas tree this season, then you must simply spring for the spruce, specifically the blue spruce. But we’re not just suggesting you get a tree and be done with it. We think you should keep the spruce theme going throughout the house!

Wreaths, small topiaries, potted plants, and even spruce-scented candles will all go a long way toward lending your home the classy sights and smells of Christmas. Not to mention, all the lush green will be a nice break from the traditional reds and whites of Christmas.

Now, speaking of Christmas trees, maybe you want the greens without doing the work of putting the tree up. For that, you can go for a life-size cardboard Christmas tree. Life Size Custom Cutouts offers a 75-inch cardboard tree complete with decorations and gifts appearing underneath it.

If you want a fun Christmas decoration while sparing yourself the work, this is for you!

Reds and Whites

We just finished extolling the virtues of adding some greens throughout your house for Christmas to contrast with the reds and whites. Of course, we are not suggesting you do away with all the Christmas reds. In fact, you really need some if you want it to be a real Christmas!

You can do up your tree in white and red garland, or you can set out red and white accent pillows on all your furniture. Or place some plastic light-up snowmen wearing red scarves in your yard! There’s a decor idea that always brings people a little more joy during the holiday season.

And who could imagine Christmas without the candy canes? Throw some real candy canes in bowls around your house, and then get a whole lot of fake ones everywhere else. Put them in the yard, on the walls, or over in the corner and out of the way.

Our cardboard candy canes are perfect for setting around the house as tasteful decorations. Their size makes them perfectly noticeable and yet tasteful and elegant for placing in your home. When you just can’t get enough candy canes at Christmas, these cardboard cutouts should do nicely.

Giant Lawn Ornaments

Lastly, we can’t forget about the outdoors. You need some vibrant decos out there, as well, to catch the eyes of passersby and greet you when you return home.

There are plenty of ideas to go around for this. You can get giant Christmas tree ornaments that sit out there on the lawn, looking truly authentic. With all kinds of colors and designs, and the ornament caps on top, these can look positively stunning.

Other ideas include light-up metal Christmas trees, manger sets, and reindeer. These look beautiful lit up at night, and they serve the double purpose of providing some safety around your property on these otherwise long, dark winter nights.

Whatever your Christmas decorating needs are this year, don’t forget that Life Size Custom Cutouts can help! Be sure to browse all of our Christmas cardboard cutouts now!

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