Bring the dynamic and charismatic presence of Gerard Butler into your space with our Gerard Butler Cardboard Cutouts. Celebrated for his roles in action-packed films and dramatic cinema, Butler's standees capture his rugged allure and intense on-screen persona. Ideal for fans and collectors, these cutouts add a touch of Hollywood action to any room or event.

Each cutout showcases Gerard Butler in iconic roles, from the heroic King Leonidas in "300" to the charming lead in romantic dramas. Perfect for movie-themed parties, fan events, or as bold decor in a media room, these cutouts are great for photo opportunities and adding a cinematic element to your decorating schemes.

Crafted with precision, our Gerard Butler standees are made from high-quality corrugated cardboard, ensuring durability and stability. The life-size representations are vivid and detailed, featuring Butler in various cinematic moments that highlight his versatility as an actor. They come with an easel back, allowing for easy setup and display, making them perfect for both temporary settings at events and permanent displays in homes or businesses.

With free shipping on every order, it’s easy and affordable to own a piece of movie magic. Whether you're hosting a film screening, decorating a home theater, or seeking the perfect gift for a Gerard Butler fan, our cardboard cutouts offer a unique and impactful way to enjoy the charisma and intensity of one of Scotland’s most beloved actors.

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    Gerard Butler Cardboard Cutout

    Gerard Butler Cardboard Cutout

    74 x 24 inches. Our cardboard cutout of Gerard Butler. All cardboard cutouts come folded and have an..

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