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65 inches. Our cardboard cutout of Anne Bonny. All cardboard cutouts come folded and have an easel attached to the back to be self-standing. Items are printed and produced to order. .

Introduction to Anne Bonny

Celebrate the legacy of one of history’s most notorious female pirates with our lifesize cardboard cutout of Anne Bonny. Perfect for historical displays, educational events, or as a striking addition to your home or office, this cutout captures the daring spirit of Anne Bonny, reflecting her profound impact on the Golden Age of Piracy and her place in maritime lore.

Background of Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny was born around 1700 in County Cork, Ireland, the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy plantation owner and his servant. Her family moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where Anne grew up with a reputation for defiance and adventurousness. In 1718, she married a small-time pirate named James Bonny, but she quickly became disillusioned with her marriage.

Anne’s life took a dramatic turn when she met the infamous pirate Captain John "Calico Jack" Rackham. Leaving her husband, Anne joined Rackham’s crew, disguising herself as a man to participate in their raids. She proved to be a formidable pirate, known for her courage and ferocity in battle. Anne Bonny’s close friendship with fellow female pirate Mary Read, who also disguised herself as a man, became legendary.

In 1720, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and Calico Jack’s crew were captured by pirate hunters off the coast of Jamaica. The male pirates were swiftly tried and executed, but Anne and Mary, both claiming to be pregnant, were granted temporary stays of execution. Mary Read died in prison, but Anne Bonny’s ultimate fate remains a mystery, with various theories suggesting she either escaped or was released.

Cultural Impact of Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny’s life and legend have left a lasting impact on the cultural history of piracy and maritime folklore. As one of the few documented female pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy, she broke the conventional gender roles of her time, demonstrating that women could be as daring and ruthless as their male counterparts.

Her story, filled with adventure, rebellion, and intrigue, has inspired numerous books, films, and television series. Anne Bonny’s portrayal in popular culture often emphasizes her defiance of societal norms and her fierce independence, making her an enduring symbol of female empowerment and resilience.

The partnership and friendship between Anne Bonny and Mary Read highlight the presence of women in piracy, challenging the male-dominated narratives of the era. Their bravery and exploits at sea have become legendary, cementing their places in pirate lore.

Anne Bonny’s legacy is celebrated not only for her contributions to pirate history but also for her role as a pioneering figure who defied expectations and carved her own path in a tumultuous and dangerous world. Her story continues to captivate and inspire those interested in the rich tapestry of maritime history.

This cutout of Anne Bonny celebrates her remarkable contributions and enduring legacy as a pirate and trailblazer. It serves as a tribute to her daring spirit and her significant impact on the Golden Age of Piracy.

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