During the Christmas holidays, it’s not uncommon for people to decorate their

yard with nativity scenes. For many, it is what Christmas is all about. It is the

beginning of Christmas.

Not everyone loves the nativity scene but may put it up for other family

members who may be visiting. It can give your yard a lovely, peaceful look for

the holidays. It is often put up in public places to please the variety of visitors.

Some people love just the manger. Others like the scenes with Mary and Joseph,

while others still want the whole gang. The Wise men, the animals, and may go

out of their way to build an entire manger scene.

You don’t need to go to all that trouble. Finding statues, a manger, hay, the

baby, animals, and so on. You can do the entire scene with life-sized cutouts

that will do the job much easier.

Nativity Scenes with Cutouts

Whether you want a nativity scene in your own yard, at your school, daycare,

church, or community center, you don’t need to get all the pieces. You can get

them all as life-size cutouts.

These are actually a great idea for public places where your pieces may

disappear. These are lightweight and you can put them inside at night after your

store closes if you need to.

They can also go up higher, on a balcony, on the roof of your home or garage,

and on top of your store, or school. They will still look great and be out of reach

for people looking to take them.


There are some of the nativity scenes that are lifelike and others that are more

cartoon in nature. These animated cutouts are perfect for a daycare or a school

for younger children.

The real-looking nativity cutouts would be more appropriate for your church, a

senior’s care center, or a store that sells things geared towards adults. The

animated ones are ideal for places where kids will see them, including stores,

hospitals, and dentist’s offices.

These are often used inside, as well. They can be on display inside your store,

inside a mall, or any other public space, like a library or a bank. These are much

lighter and much more convenient to put up than actual pieces for a nativity



You can always order your own custom-made cutouts for your nativity scene. If

you enjoy a bit of fun, you can get quite creative with it all. Make up your

whole nativity scene the way you want.

You could use pictures of your whole family to fill in for the baby, the parents,

the wise men, and even use the family pets for the animals. It makes it really fun

and unique.

You could also use images of celebrities to be the characters in your nativity

scene. Use characters from a favorite show or movie that you or your family

really enjoy.

They could be animated characters, as well. Think about using characters from

Disney or Frozen, or anything else you or your kids love. It makes for an

interesting and fun nativity scene. Animated characters are fun for the younger

kids to look at and enjoy.

If you have a certain type of business, you could use your business as the theme

and some of your staff as the characters. If your nativity scene is on your own

property, you can do almost anything you like.

If you are using them at your home for a party, people might enjoy taking

pictures with them. They can be included in your nativity scene and have a fun

memento to add to their photos afterward.

Be mindful that some people may find it offensive if you seem to be making fun

so think about who will be seeing it before you order them. Where they are

placed is important.

Many Uses

These are a lot of fun and if you work somewhere where there are plenty of

adults and children that visit, consider using one scene that is real-looking and

one that is animated.

This is perfect for a hospital, a school, the shopping mall, and other community

places that are shared. Show your Christmas spirit with a nativity scene that

appeals to everyone.

Get your life-sized nativity scene with the standard picture or animated images,

or order your very own custom-made nativity characters. Have fun, get creative,

make people take a second look.

Whether you need them for personal or for business, people will enjoy seeing

your nativity scene. It can be fun to put yourselves in the scene and see if people

even take notice.

These cutouts are strong, durable, and will stand up outside or can be used

indoors. Place them in the yard, around the tree, or at the office.

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