One of the most fun things about Christmas is the decorations. Many of us have

traditional decorations that we use every year. Many of them have been in our

family for years.

These traditions make us happy and bring us a lot of joy during the holidays.

They also bring back fond memories. But there is no reason why you can’t start

building new memories, as well.

Coroplast Cutouts for Christmas

Trying to find something unique and interesting for the yard at Christmas time.

But it doesn’t always have to be the same thing every year. Put your lights up

like you always do but think about something else you can use to brighten up

your yard.

Coroplast cutouts are strong and stand up on their own. They will stand out in

your yard and be very original and unique to what you usually put up if

anything at all.

These cutouts will also stand out from what your neighbors usually put out if

they decorate at all. You can have anything you want for your Christmas


Stock Cutouts

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the coroplast cutouts we have on

hand. You can choose from a wide array of more traditional cutouts like trees,

wreaths, snow, bells, lights, or a warm fireplace with Christmas stockings.

If you prefer a more religious theme, there are cutouts for all those types of

occasions. There are cutouts of Mary and Joseph in the manger, nativity scenes,

the three wise men, and others born in a manger scenes.

For the more fun at heart or for those with younger kids, there are plenty of

options for cutouts that reflect the more traditional kid’s Christmas. You will

find all kinds of snowmen, plenty of Santa, either life-like or cartoon, reindeer,

toys, and so many more.

Plenty of Reasons to Use Coroplast Cutouts

You can use these cutouts as your regular decorations, to add a bit of fun for a

Christmas party, or to announce a party or guide guests in. There are also fun

gingerbread cookies, gingerbread houses, and other food cutouts. These are

great for parties.

There are also celebrity cutouts you can get, like Will Ferrel as Elf, Elvira,

many variations of Santa, and even Grumpy Cat. These are a great idea and a lot

of fun if you are having a theme party.

If you are having a theme party, like an ugly sweater party, what better way to

save the memories than an ugly sweater cutout people can use. Just have them

stand behind it and put their own face in the space.

These make a great souvenir and people love to get involved and have their

pictures taken in a fun and unique way. Let them have some happy memories

from your unique Christmas party this year.

Custom-Made Cutouts

If you really want to up your Christmas decoration game, think about getting

your cutouts custom-made. You can choose from all kinds of celebrities, your

own pictures of scenes, family, and even the family pet.

Put your celebrity in a Christmas outfit and decorate the lawn with them in the

character of your favorite movie or television show. They will be the hit of the

whole block.

You can have pictures of yourself or someone in your family in the picture. Use

a picture that has a speech bubble so you can leave a message to passers-by,

guests, and neighbors.

Instead of sending out a photo with your annual Christmas cards, why not get a

life size picture of your family and make it into a great coroplast cutout?

Everyone can see it and you can use it for the entire season.

Have fun and use your summer vacation photos. You will look all tan and happy

while standing out in the cold and snow. It will bring a smile to everyone who

sees it.

You can make a few of them, one with the kids, one with the pets, a group shot,

wearing Santa hats, or have fun with different Christmas costumes. It’s so much

more fun and unique than regular photos to send and far less expensive.

Coroplast Cutouts for Christmas

Add a bit of fun this Christmas with your own coroplast cutouts for your yard.

They will be the hit of the entire season. Whether you go with what is already

available in stock or have your own made, your yard will be unique.

There is something for everyone, kids, adults, people who love the tradition of

Christmas and those who love the fun and bright cartoon colors of all the

decorations and cutouts.

Order yours today so you don’t miss out. If you want custom-made cutouts,

send us your pictures today.

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