Enter the whimsically wicked world of Gremlins with our Gremlins Cardboard Cutouts, featuring characters from the iconic 1980s horror-comedy film. Join Gizmo, the lovable mogwai, and the mischievous gremlins as they wreak havoc in the small town of Kingston Falls.

Our Gremlins Cardboard Cutouts capture the quirky charm and mischievous spirit of this cult classic, showcasing Gizmo and the gremlins in their most memorable poses. Whether you're a fan of horror-comedy, 80s nostalgia, or simply appreciate the unique creatures of the silver screen, these standees are sure to delight.

Printed on high-quality corrugated cardboard with vivid colors and lifelike details, our cutouts faithfully depict the adorable Gizmo and the hilariously grotesque gremlins. Whether displayed in a home theater, a themed party, or a movie night event, these standees are sure to add a touch of mischief to any space.

With free shipping on every order, bringing home our Gremlins Cardboard Cutouts is both convenient and cost-effective. Whether you're hosting a Gremlins movie marathon, decorating for a horror-themed party, or simply adding to your collection of movie memorabilia, these standees are the perfect addition to your gremlin-infested adventures.

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