Hosting a St. Patrick's Day Party? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The winter months often feel like they drag by, and many people wish they could skip straight to spring. However, you still have St. Patrick’s Day to look forward to, and hosting a party for the holiday can bring some excitement to your winter. Even if you aren’t Irish, hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party is a great way to spend some time with friends or family and have something to celebrate. Fortunately, hosting a party for St. Patrick’s Day is easy since you already have a perfect theme, and finding green accents is simple. Still, there’s a lot you can do to make the day extra-special for your guests. 

Here’s what you need to host a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Set a Dress Code

For many holiday parties, you usually don’t see people setting a dress code that matches the theme. However, this is something you’ll often see at St. Patrick’s Day parties, and it’s usually an unspoken rule. At any St. Patrick’s Day Party, you’re likely to see every guest wearing at least a green shirt to match the theme and many more going all out with their outfits. Seeing all your friends dressed up for the event gives St. Patrick’s Day parties a special feeling that you don’t get at a lot of other parties during the year. This is why for your party, make sure all your guests know to dress up in green and add fun accessories if they have them, like leprechaun hats. 

Stock Up on Food and Drinks

No party is complete without good food and drinks, and this is especially true for St. Patrick’s Day. There are also a lot of possibilities you can come up with for what you’ll serve at the party, so this is something you have to have set in advance. You can make any food more festive by adding green food day or adding Lucky Charms to your desserts and finding green and orange drink recipes. However, you can also go a different route and serve traditional foods and drinks at your party. Popular Irish brands like Guinness are easy to find, and for food, you can make things like corned beef and soda bread. This might take a little extra work, but it will be worth it to have some authentic elements at your party. 

Don’t Forget Decor 

Of course, the final touch for any party is the decor. You can instantly make the party feel more festive by getting green table cloths, balloons, streamers, and decorations to hang on the walls. When you combine the green that all your guests are in and the green decor, anyone who sees this party will instantly know you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. You can also take your decor even further and include Irish flags and other things most people think about when they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. One element you need to include in your party decorations are leprechaun cutouts. If you’re going to decorate with leprechauns, you can’t forget to add some pots of gold and rainbows to top it off. You can hang rainbows around the room and get a leprechaun holding a pot of gold, and include gold coins through the room. 

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