Well, if you are thrilled to have some good news for a change, then welcome to

the club. The Mars club. Like most of the world, you have seen the dramatic

footage of the Mars Rover landing and the sights from our closed celestial


If you are looking for a reason to celebrate, why not use images of you, your

friends, the Rover, and Mars. Even if you are not celebrating, they make great

cutouts to have around the house, on the yard, or set up at work.

The Red Planet

You can get a large cutout of Mars in red so it looks like you have a close-up

picture of it. This cutout is 94 inches wide and is of Mars Mount Sharp. Or, if

you choose a rockier view, choose the one of Mars Twin Peaks.

These come folded and have an easel attached to the back that allows them to

stand on their own. These are all printed and produced to order. You can expect

to have it within five days.

Perhaps the NASA Mars Rover is more your thing. Or, you can get them both.

This is 46 x 58 inches and stands up on its own, as well. There are a few

different ones available, so make sure you check them all out. There are some in

different sizes and from different angles.

How about a full 46 inches of the whole planet? Get a great round cardboard

cutout of Mars to set up at school, at home, or in the office. You can enjoy these

first-ever close-ups of Mars to enjoy for years and years.

Any of these are great to have for a celebration of the Mars landing. You can

use them to take pictures of yourself or with friends and family with them as

your background.

You could have a lot of fun, make your own cards, memes, or post them on your

social media. You could also include yourself with an astronaut’s uniform and

pose in front of any of them to have a lot of fun.

These would make great cards for other people’s birthday, party invitations, or

get your friends and family to come up with some fun ideas. You could also

dress in different themes yourself, and take pictures like you are having

different celebrations on Mars.

If you are a teacher, use them in your classroom, be it in person or online. They

make a great visual when you are talking about science, space, and Mars. It

makes it easier for kids to understand when they can see it clearly.

Maybe you are having a Mars landing party. Make some Mars-bases foods,

using red coloring, planet shapes, and let everyone pose for a picture in front of

the cardboard cutouts of Mars or the Rover.

These are big enough that people can pose with them. Stand behind the cutout

or in front of it. Let your friends see you posing with the first pictures of Mars

that are this clear.

You can have a Martians party, as well. Make it a costume party and they all

have to dress like they are from Mars. People can pose with the cutouts of the

planet, or the Rover and have a great keepsake for their own photo album.

They might be fun in an office or workplace where there isn’t much art or color

around. Just set them up so people can see them when they head to the

lunchroom or come in or out of the building.

It might be a fun idea to take pictures of your kids in front of these images from

Mars and the Rover. They can look back at them in many years and wonder

how it was to be seeing this all for the first time.

They make great cards to send to parents, grandparents, and those living farther

away. Why not take a few pictures with the kids and the parts, just to make it

more fun.

These cutouts last a long time and have plenty of uses. You can get them

custom-made and personalized. Include a message when sending them to

someone or just use them to take pictures to post, send, and save.

They are new, unique, and original. Make the most of your Mars cardboard

cutouts and get them to use right away. It’s fun for everyone and you can use

them everywhere you go, home, work, front yard, and more.

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