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Bring a taste of the burger joint to your decor with our Life Size Hamburger Cardboard Cutout. This larger-than-life representation of a mouthwatering hamburger is a flavorful addition to any setting. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it captures the juicy patty, fresh lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sesame seed bun, making it an ideal choice for creating a delicious atmosphere. Whether you're decorating for a BBQ party, a fast-food-themed event, or simply want to add a touch of culinary delight to your space, this life-sized hamburger cutout is a tasty and eye-catching choice. Create an ambiance of burger bliss with our Life Size Hamburger Cardboard Cutout, and let your guests savor the visual delight.

67 x 46 inches Our Prop Cardboard Cutout of Hamburger. Items are printed and produced to order. Printing and processing takes 5 business days, plus shipping time.

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Hamburger Cardboard Cutout Features
  • Easle attached, easy to assemble, use immediately
  • Official life size cutouts stand as tall as the celebrity they portray
  • Huge range of celebrity cutouts from all fandoms
  • Great for collectors, fans, hobbyists, family and friends.
  • All cardboard standees arrive folded for easy transportation and storage