When you think of Halloween, easy Halloween costumes and the best Halloween candy you can’t wait to scarf down are usually the first things that come to mind. But just like it’s the one time of the year when you can dress up in your favorite funny Halloween costume, why not also get creative with DIY Halloween decorations for your home? These Halloween cardboard cutouts will ensure that every inch of your house will look unique and festive this season—not to mention scary! So prepare to become the ghostess with the mostess and treat your home to one, or more, of these Halloween cardboard cutouts this year. Just don’t be surprised when you become the talk of the neighborhood.


1) Bloody Mary Cardboard Cutout


The legend of Bloody Mary is about a ghost, phantom, or spirit summoned to reveal the future. When her name is shouted frequently, she is said to appear in a mirror. Depending on historical versions of the mythology, the Bloody Mary apparition may be benevolent or malicious. The majority of Bloody Mary appearances are “witnessed” by a man who will die in a group participation game or by a guy who is about to perish. Place this in a dark corner of your living room and scare the daylights out of somebody.


2) Creepy Clown Cardboard Cutout


Beginning in 1940, the Joker of DC Comics established the contemporary archetype of the evil clown, revived in Stephen King’s 1986 novel It by Pennywise. The persona can be interpreted as a parody of those who have coulrophobia or a fear of clowns. This macabre-looking cutout is best placed on your yard for the maximum scare factor.


3) Frankenstein Cardboard Cutout


Frankenstein is a mythic figure first introduced in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein that was published in 1818. Victor Frankenstein, the monster’s creator, is thus compared to Prometheus, the mythological figure who created humans out of clay and gave them fire in Shelley’s title. Place this cutout in a darkened bedroom and wait for the screams to ring when they discover what’s waiting for them.


4) Freddy vs Jason Cardboard Cutout


 The Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series collide in Freddy vs Jason. It reintroduces the two series into a shared universe. It pits their villains, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, against one other after the former manipulates Jason into resurrecting and attacking Springwood residents to facilitate his reappearance. You can place this cutout in an area in your yard that perhaps has plenty of shrubs or trees to get that optimal fright.


5) Grim Reaper Cardboard Cutout


Death is commonly portrayed as a humanoid entity. In various myths, a character known as the Grim Reaper—often represented as a robed skeleton—comes to take the victim’s soul, causing the victim’s death. It would be ideal to place a cutout of the Grim Reaper in a living room, perhaps suspending it midair using a thin string.


6) Headless Horseman Cardboard Cutout


Based on the legend, the Horseman is either holding his head or losing his head and looking for it. If you want to give your friends a good fright, place this near your door or in the backyard.


7) Mike Myers Cardboard Cutout


Michael Myers is a fictitious character from the slasher film franchise Halloween. In 1978’s Halloween, he makes his debut appearance as a small kid who murders his older sister, Judith Myers. He returns to Haddonfield fifteen years later to slaughter more teenagers. Give your friends the scare of their lives by placing this cutout right in front of their doors.


8) Vampire Cardboard Cutout


A vampire is a mythical creature that feeds on the vital essence of living people, usually in blood. Vampires are undead creatures who visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighborhoods where they lived when living, according to European legend. They wore shrouds and were described as bloated, reddish, or dark-skinned, in stark contrast to today’s gaunt, pale vampire, who dates from the early 1800s. Shock your friends by placing this cutout in a dark corner of any room.


9) Zombie Snatcher Cardboard Cutout


A zombie is a mythological undead corporeal revenant generated by reanimating a body. Zombies are most frequently seen in horror and fantasy films. A zombie is a dead body reanimated through different techniques, most frequently magic like voodoo, as per Haitian folklore. In modern depictions of the reanimation of the dead, science-fictional means such as carriers, radiation, mental disorders, vectors, infections, parasites, scientific accidents, and so on are used instead of magic. You can try placing this cutout near the street to try and scare passersby.


10) Granite Tombstone


Nothing typifies Halloween more than the tombstone. Place several of these in your backyard to really get everyone in the mood.

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