You never have to be alone in the car again.

Do you get stuck in traffic and wish you could ride in the car pool lane? Now you can with your own life size custom cutout. Your cutout probably won't object to your choice in music or your singing because it's a cardboard cutout.

You don't have to worry about being murdered by lift or uber drivers (allegedly) if you have someone with you especially someone intimidating like a big strong Wookie. Maybe get a cutout of a pretty girl so people don't think as much of a looser. Your not a looser, your a winner to us.

If your a really bad driver you can get a custom cutout of a driving instructor so people aren't upset because are just learning.

Life size custom cutouts are printed on top quality material so they won't fade in sun and go with you on the longest road trips. They also can be made on water proof material if you want to put the top down and let your cardboard corrugation blow in the breeze.

Get your life size custom cutout / passenger today!

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