Ever worry about home security and the safety of your family? Of course you have we all have. Statistics will tell you that there are less break-ins when people are home.* Now you can get a life size custom cutout to protect your home. Burglars won't dare break into your house if they think someone is home and what better way to show the house is occupied than a person standing in the window. It doesn't have to be the commander and chief it can be any intimidating figure you like. It could even be a big guard dog or better yet a guard bear. You won't believe how safe your house is going to be with a guard bear or custom cutout. You will be sick of your house being so safe.

Just get a your custom cutout set it up with the easel that comes in the package and put it in the window and sit back and relax knowing your life size custom cutout is doing all the work protecting your home or place of business from outside threats. Add an optional cutout of a torch(sold separately) to keep away wild animals as well for added protection.

Keep your loved loved safe with a Life Size Custom Cutout Today


    *these are not real statistics they are fake news that I made up but they sound tremendous.

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Life Size Custom Cutouts
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