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36-inch Custom Cardboard Big Head Cutouts - Lifelike Portraits Starting at $41 with Free Shipping

Turn your photo into a 36-inch life-size cardboard big head cutout. Perfect for personal milestones or corporate events. High-quality, durable, and ready to display. Shop now!

Key Features:

  • Striking Size: Large enough to stand out, adding a lifelike presence to any space.
  • Exceptional Quality: Expertly printed on sturdy corrugated cardboard, ensuring durability and vivid colors.
  • Versatile Display: Equipped with a rear support for easy placement at indoor or outdoor venues.
  • Fully Customizable: Personalize with your chosen images, perfect for weddings, graduations, and special events.

Whether it's enhancing a graduation ceremony, adding fun to a wedding, or making a corporate event more engaging, our 36-inch custom cardboard cutouts are sure to be a hit. Order yours today and bring your photos to life!

Additional Product Information:

Our custom cardboard big heads are expertly crafted with a contour cut process that precisely trims the hair and facial areas for a more defined and personal representation. Each big head cutout is proportionally sized to maintain a natural look before we add the handle.

These custom creations feature a digitally integrated handle, ensuring that each big head is a sturdy, single-piece unit ready for immediate use. We offer significant quantity discounts, making these cutouts perfect for pep rallies, corporate events, or any promotional activity. The quantity discounts will be visible and applicable only after the items are added to your shopping cart.

Customize your cutout further by adding special features such as longer hair, hats, or other detailed accessories. Please note, however, that such additions may affect the overall dimensions of the cutout. For any specific requests or special considerations, make sure to mention them in the comment section during checkout to ensure your custom big head is exactly as you envision it.

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If you order before 1:00PM EST Monday through Friday, you can have your cardboard cutouts custom made and shipped next business day via FedEx. Need your custom cutout in a hurry? We offer Stop the Press same day rush production on orders placed before 1:00PM EST as well as expedited FedEx shipping methods to get your custom cutout where it needs to go as soon as possible.

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Custom Cardboard Big Head Cutouts

Cardboard Big Head

The standard material cardboard is white washed on the front to ensure a true to color print. This material is also corrugated along the height for structural stability. Cardboard is our most affordable option while still being durable and without jeopardizing the quality of the image when printed.

Select Cardboard Big Head
Custom Foamcore Big Head Cutouts

Foamcore Big Head

Foamcore lacks the corrugation of the cardboard instead its center is filled with foam. This removes the ripple effect of the corrugation in the cardboard to provide an even higher quality print. Foamcore is a less durable material, so it is best used for exhibits behind glass or out of reach or for situations that won’t require a lot of interaction.

Select Foamcore Big Head
Custom Coroplast Big Head Cutouts

Coroplast Big Head

Coroplast, standing for corrugated plastic, is the strongest material we have to offer. Our coroplast big heads are waterproof and they are generally used for outdoor events. The coroplast material is strong and durable, and can provide years of use for your big head. But the corrugation can be seen through the print.

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How to take a cutout picture

Ordering a custom big head cutout can be confusing for some first time customers. Don't worry Life Size Custom Cutouts is here to help. Learn more about custom big head cutouts and how to take the perfect picture by following our how to make a custom big head cutout guide. Still have questions or concerns about your custom big head cutout? Don't hesitate to contact us today!